• Designed to wind elements of MV capacitor (Film +Foil)
  • Superior closed loop tensioning mechanism
  • Automatic foil cut and fold unit
  • Online dry element testing and sorting unit
  • Element conveyer unit
  • Fully enclosed and Hygiene environment


  • Fine and Perfect Soldering points
  • Very clean assembly
  • Strong electrical contacts
  • Paper wraping system
  • Can encasing machine


  • Automatic Can welding
  • Sealed vacuum system
  • Environmentally safe impregnant
  • Online monitoring impregnation
  • Oil filtration and de-gassing process



  • Full fledged testing equipments as per IEC & IEEE
  • High precision C and Tan d bridge
  • HV tester upto 100 KV AC/DC

Fully enclosed and Hygiene environment