Metal Enclosed MV Capacitor Bank

The metal enclosed capacitor banks are a cost effective means of providing power factor correction and/or harmonic filtering for your distribution feeder

General Presentation

Metal-enclosed capacitor bank systems are fully assembled, tested, and ready Installation. Very little field assembly is required. Installation and maintenance costs for metal-enclosed systems are low compared to pole and rack mounted capacitor banks. Energe’s metal-enclosed medium voltage capacitor systems and harmonic filters are designed for indoor or outdoor applications in commercial, industrial, and utility power systems requiring power factor correction, motor start support, harmonic filtering, and as per IEC / IEEE standards

Main Components used

  • MV Capacitor units
  • Inrush Reactor
  • Neutral current transformer
  • Protection relay
  • Doors with Lock & Key
  • Line Disconnector with earth switch
  • HRC fuse

Optional Components

  • Harmonic filter reactor
  • Quick discharge coil


  • Ease of installation
  • Personnel safety
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Flexibility


  • Large motors
  • Motor control centers
  • Branch circuits
  • Service entrances