Shunt Capacitor Bank

Energe capacitor bank is a flexible concept for open-rack shunt bank and enables very compact solutions that save space at installations.

General Presentation

The high-voltage shunt capacitors are primarily used to improve the power factor (COSφ) in the network, improve the voltage quality of transmission and distribution network, and compensate the reactive power. Shunt capacitor installation is composed of shunt capacitors, series reactor (damping reactors, tuning reactors), lightning arrester and isolated earthing switch, etc. The capacitors are mounted on the steel rack made of profiled bar and connected according to certain electrical diagram. The installation can be transported entirely and mounted readily and can also be available for various combined manners at special request of customer.
By applying shunt capacitors adjacent to equipment consuming reactive power, several advantages are obtained:


  • Improved Power Factor
  • Improved voltage quality
  • Compensate the reactive power
  • Reduced losses and investment