LV Capacitor

Energe LV capacitors are suitable for use in ultra heavy duty PFC applications either fixed capacitor bank or APFC capacitor bank

ALL Polypropylene (APP) type capacitors


  • Improved Power Factor
  • Improved voltage quality
  • Compensate the reactive power
  • Reduced losses and investment


Energe capacitors are suitable for use in standard duty, heavy duty and ultra heavy duty PFC applications. Target applications for these capacitors include

  • Automatic PFC capacitor panels
  • Wind Turbines
  • Individual fixed compensation (e.g. motors, transformers)
  • Group fixed compensation
  • Tuned and detuned harmonic filters
  • AC filters (e.g. UPS, frequency drives, converters)


In comparision with the previous generation of “mixed type dielectric (Paper + film) capacitors, synthetic “all film” type dielectric capacitors have a much longer service life due to :

  • Their excellent thermal stability related to very low power losses, because of  the removal of the paper
  • The remarkable chemical stability of the liquid dielectric giving:
  • A high partial discharge absorption capacity
  • High dielectric resistance to transient over currents and over voltages
  • A very low variation of capacitance as a function of temperature.

Technical Data