Quality is absolutely crucial to success. This is because it is only when a customer is won over with high-quality products, advice and service that they can be satisfied in the long term. By using our products for your applications, you depend on our quality. We can guarantee this!

"Energe Capacitors" aims to provide products and services which give total customer satisfaction. We recognize that our continued future success depends on the quality, price and delivery of our products. If we are to meet the ever-increasing levels of service demanded by our customers and set by our competitors, the quality of our products must be of the highest possible standard.

Quality is integral part of each function at Energe, Ensured by

  • Documented quality systems

  • Quality Raw materials

  • Process monitoring and mistake proofing procedures

  • Statistical review


Energe is committed to meeting new challenges with innovations, seeking opportunities to display its competitive merits for customer benefits. We aim to develop new products and access new markets. To achieve this we are committed to invest in various research and development projects. We have dedicated R&D set up for the same.

Environment Health and Safety

Energe aims at its processes, procedures and all actions being environment friendly.                  

Quality Management Certification                                         

ISO 9001:2015 certificate.pdf